Orosi is well known because for its church. This village has the oldest church in all of Costa Rica which is still intact. The church was finished in 1743 and has survived all earthquakes up to now. For many Catholics that is a miracle. But it’s not only the church that makes Orosi worth a visit . Orosi is situated in a scenic and fertile valley through which the Reventazón River curls. Next to the Pacuare River, the Reventazón river it is the second most important river for Whitewater Rafting. In the Orosi-Valley, there are huge coffee plantations and hot volcanic sources. Close by there is also the Tapantí National Park through which flows the Orosi River.

You get to Orosi from Turrialba choosing the road to San José. In Paraiso be careful that you don’t continue in the direction of Cartago but take the road to Orosi. After 5 kilómeters you reach the village.

Tapantí National Park

The Tapantí National Park is situated a few kilometers south of Orosi and you can reach it quite well on a dirt road. Tapantí is the region with the most rainfall in Costa Rica, in fact it is one of the regions with most rainfall in the whole world. So if you go to visit the park make sure you have a good raincoat with you. There may be sunshine outside the park  and inside you will find it’s raining. This abundance of water has a huge influence on the flora and fauna. You will come across lush primeval forest as well as a multitude of threatened animal species such as

Tapantí is the indigene word for Tapir. The park extends over an area of 60.000 hectars and lies on an altitude between 1200 and 2560 meters above sea level. There are several well-signposted trails that give you the oportunity to discover a small part of the park. When you enter the park the rangers will give you a map.

When visiting the park don’t forget your swimming suit, because there are nice spots on the Orosi River to swim and to rest. The locals like to visit the park on weekends to swim and to barbecue.

Turrialba Volcano

The Turrialba Volcano with an altitude of 3340 meters is the second highest and one of the most beautiful volcanos in Costa Rica which is acessible. It is situated in the Turrialba Volcano National Park. To hike up is an amazing experience. One walks through cloud- and rain forest. In higher zones you can see big ferns and plants with huge leaves. You almost feel as if you were walking through a  fairytale. With a little luck you can see hummingbirds and quetzales. If the weather is fine from the top of Turrialba Volcano you will have a breathtaking view over  the Irazu, the Poas and the Barva – all volcanos of the central mountain range. This is the place to go if you like to hike off the beaten tracks because this National Park is barely tapped.

In 2006 the Turrialba Volcano got active again and since then it smokes sometimes more and sometimes less. Every now and then it throws up some ashes. So before you plan a tour you should contact the park administration to see if the park is accessible.

Schlangenfarm Pavones

The Snake Farm in Pavones was originally founded to research the behaviour of snakes.  A main aspect was to inform the country people about the different types of snakes, their dangers but also their benefits. Today the Snake Farm had become an attraction for tourists. You can see snakes of the region and even touch them if you want. The rangers take plenty of time to explain the behaviour of the snakes and thos make you losse your fear of those beautiful reptiles.

Botanischer Garten CATIE

The Botanical Garden of CATIE offers a great number of different exotic plants and tropical fruit.  It is worth making an excursion to that garden just for the orchids.  Moreover, you have the opportunity to try fruit and juices of the region. The Botanical Garden is open daily from 7 am to 4 pm and guided tours are offered. From La Suiza, CATIE is situated 3 kilometers before reaching Turrialba on the right side of the road.

CATIE (Centro Agrónomo Tropical de Investigación y Ensenanza) is a Center of research and studying tropical agriculture. The aim is to expand sustainable agriculture and the responsible use of natural resources. These measures help to develop rural areas and to reduce poverty amongst rural population.


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