National Park Guayabo

At the foot of the Turrialba Volcano, around 20 km northeast of Turrialba town you can visit an arceological site and see some precolombian testimonials. Guayabo is the largest and most important archaeological site in Costa Rica. It protects archaeological structures influenced by pre-Columbian groups of North and South America. They’re evidence of the development of a native population between 1000 BC and 1400 A.C. There are archaeological structures such as mounds, staircases, roads, open and closed aqueducts, water tanks, tombs, petroglyphs, monoliths and sculptures. It reflects the great development in civil engineering, architecture and town planning of one of the oldest native civilizations of Costa Rica. The village is supposed to be more than 3000 years old and it is believed that there were living about 10.000 people in it’s best time. The arceological site is surrounded by tight rainforest which shelters many species of bromelies, orcids and birds. From a hill you will have an amazing view over the whole site. So/Thus an excursion is worth. After a visit of Guayabo you should visit the lovely village of Santa Cruz and have a cup of coffee over there. Santa Cruz is well known dairy farming and cheese manufacturing. You can taste and buy there an excellent  „queso blanco“ white cheese, the costarrican soft cheese. A little out of the village on the road to Cartago you will find a nice restaurant from where you can have a wonderful view over the Turrialba valley.

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