Costa Rica is well known to combine adventure and eco-tourism. Sustainability es very important in that matter. The government tries to include the population and particularly the indegen population who mostly live in reserves, and to convince them from the benefit of the sustainability. Therefore the support numerous social and education projects.

Costa Rica offers excellent rafting conditions and is wellknown for that all over the world. The area around Turrialba is crossed from the rivers Pacuare and Reventazón which range amoung the ten best rivers for rafting in the world. The Pacuare even made it into the Outdoor-Magazin. The starting points are close to La Suiza, so from the Finca Pura Vida you can participate easily in one of these tours. A rafting trip combines a breathtaking nature experience with a sportive challenge. You navigate through white water of warm tropical rivers, pasing by on thunderous waterfalls and huge rocks through tight and high rainforest. With a little luck you can see in kalmer sectors of the river some wild animals in this unspoiled nature. For sure an unforgettable advanture/expierience! Besides rafting, canyoning, hiking, tours by mountainbike and on horses are offered. For a real adventure, try Canopy! It’s an exciting and novel way of seeing the rainforest. Hooked to a steel wire rope, you will fly from treetop to treetop and experience the rainforest from a bird’s eye view. If you have no head for heights, however, you better stay on the ground. Ever thought about going on a motorbike trip? David offers fantastic tours. And if you want to go by yourself you can rent a bike from him.

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