Costa Rica

Experience authentic nature – active volcanos, luscious tropical rainforests, gigantic waterfalls and exceptional beaches!

Costa Rica – “Without Artificial Additives” , that is the official advertising slogan of Costa Rica. And indeed, in Costa Rica you experience authentic nature. This small country is a tropical paradise with an exceptional variety of animals and plants. In no other region of the world you will find as many diverse landscapes and climate zones with such richness in species. Costa Rica offers beautiful beaches at the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, high mountains, rainforests – high forests, Nebelwald and indeed trockenen Regenwald – and many volcanos, some of them still active.

The governments of Costa Rica realized very early that this treasure needs preserving and from the start focused on environmentally-sensitive tourism. National parks and nature reserves cover more than a quarter of the country’s area. The infrastructure in the parks and nature reserves is very good and there are a large number of marked hiking trails that make it easy for tourists to walk around and marvel at the diversity and beauty of this paradise.

The people of Costa Rica – or “Ticos” as they call themselves – are known for their openness, friendliness and helpfulness. Despite their diverse ethnic roots – Indian, European, Asian and African – they live together peacefully and form a lively and active community. It is noteworthy that Costa Rica has no armed forces. After the last civil war shortly after World War II the army was abolished and the money thus saved is invested instead in education and social projects. Hence, not surprisingly, Costa Rica has the highest level of education in Latin America.

Costa Rica – PURA VIDA

When you ask a Tico after his well-being, he is likely to smile at you and call out „Pura Vida“ which – translated literally – means “Pure Life”. But “Pura Vida” expresses a lot more than just a state of health. It expresses a state of mind, an awareness of and attitude to life. It shows the boundless optimism and laid-back way of the Ticos and manifests their happiness and joy of life.

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